Junior Camp

Our littlest campers ages 4-5 will enjoy discovering the joys of canoeing, kayaking, horseback riding, tennis and swimming with competent and certified teachers. Other activities include baking, horse rides, moon bounce, performing arts, scavenger hunts, petting zoo, roasting marshmallows over the campfire and so much more! It’s hard to find the balance between challenging a child to the next level and providing an environment in which they feel at home, but we think we’ve done it. Junior camp is both an engaging and nurturing way to introduce children to the world of summer fun. We predict they’ll come home tired but full of adventures that must be shared.


Youth Camp

Our youth camp for children ages 6-13 provides an interactive and engaging summer camp experience. The daily program provides a rotating schedule of activities such as canoeing/kayaking, field sports, nature/tennis and games. In addition, each child receives a swimming lesson each day based on their ability. Two free time periods and electives provides a chance for children to select from a range of specialized activities such as dodge ball, archery, horse grooming, forting, cable ride & boat slide, art & crafts, dress up, talent show, drama production and much more.



Our themes listed below provide a fun flair, though each week does follow the same basic schedule of activities.

  1. June 5-9: Wilderness Survival  |  This week is about enduring daring challenges designed to test your fortitude, courage, and cunning. Come prepared for adventures in the great outdoors. Check your school schedule before signing up for this week.                                        
  2. June 12-16: Water Wars |  This all- new week pairs competitive water games with all-time aqua favorites: inner tube polo, water jousting, wacky noodles, water gun and water balloon blasting, a water obstacle course, and for Friday, a professional water wars game. For ages 6-13: This weeks optional field trip is motor boat tubing on the Potomac River.                                                                                                                                  
  3. June 19-23:  Wild West  |  Participate in afternoon raids with outlaw Jesse James or help the lawman take him down! Don’t miss the fierce Super-Soaker shootout, old-fashioned wagon ride and annual stagecoach game.  For ages 6-13: This week’s optional field trip is to the western themed Adventure Park USA.                                                                                                       
  4. June 26-30: Antietam Olympics  |  Campers will demonstrate their skills, strength and determination as they challenge each other in many events. Gold medal winners will determine Antietam’s Olympians of the Summer! For ages 6-13: This week’s optional field trip is to Skate Frederick for ice skating.                                                                                                               
  5. July 3-7: Let Freedom Ring |  Lights, cameras, action! Celebrate America's birthday with us as we make a movie and commemorate our American Heroes.  The best news is- YOU can be a part of it all! The movie premiere will be on Friday afternoon, and all parents, family, and friends are invited to attend.                                                                                                                    
  6. July 10-14: Splish Splash  |   Spend a week at the "beach" without driving anywhere!  This week features tropical treats, sand castle building, coconut bowling, water limbo game, island crafts, and an epic beach party on Friday.  Its an exotic celebration of cool "ocean" water and the joys of a surfer life!  For ages 6-13: The Friday field trip will travel to JayDee’s Water Park.                                    
  7. July 17-21: Crazy Critter  |  Shank’s Exotics Zoo is bringing an amazing assortment of wild and wooly, weird and wonderful animals for us to enjoy all day, every day. Sign up to bring your pet (4-5 year olds may bring stuffed animals) for the Friday Show & Tell! For ages 6-13: We’ll have an optional field trip to Catoctin Zoo on Friday.                                                                  
  8. July 24-28: Antietam Elite Forces | This week we will form a team of superior warriors to fight against the forces of evil and defend the innocent.  Training activities will include combat courses, skill challenges, and special ops drills.  Teams will battle each other in contests of courage and honor! Wear your camo and bring your skills to this all-new week!                                                                         
  9. July 31-August 4: Wet ‘n Wild  | Get ready for the wildest, most amazing water activities you’ve ever seen, like the alligator pit, dam building, crayfishing, and shell island cove.  The creek is our haven for "river" adventures! For ages 6-13: The optional field trip is a West Virginia Duck Dynasty Fishing Adventure.                                                                                  
  10. August 7-11: Pirates of the Antietam | Incredible challenges! Amazing water battles! Vast treasures! Find your sea legs and climb aboard this week. For ages 6-13: Boys steal the show this week with an exciting and much-anticipated Thursday night campout! Activities include a "midnight" adventure game, campfire with smores, flashlight tag, and night swim with money dive.                                                                                                                                                        
  11. August 14-18: County Fair  |  All week long we’ll feature awesome activities like a watermelon seed-spitting contest, popcorn party, cotton candy and yard sale. For ages 6-13: Girls, this is your only chance for the annual Thursday night sleepover! Activities include an epic adventure game, campfire with smores, optional tea party, hair and nails spa time and flashlight tag.          
  12. August 21-25: Super Soakin’ Safari  |  The creek will be churning with water battles and tube trips! You won’t be able to walk around without getting wet as teams of campers battle the classes with super soakers! It’s the last big water party of the summer and you’ve got to be here for it! For ages 6-13: This weeks optional field trip is motor boat tubing on the Potomac River.                                                                                                
  13. August 28- Sept 1: Final Fling  |  This week will feature special events each day, including bingo, a beach party, inventor’s contest and special tournaments. The summer goes out with a bang, culminating with our Friday night final campfire! Check your school schedule before signing up for this week.