Antietam Recreation is dedicated to assisting parents as they strive to develop character and maintain a standard of excellence in the lives of their children. Although Antietam Recreation is not associated with any denomination, church or religious organization, we do promote Christian values based on the Bible. Scripture verses, character qualities, prayer, and Bible stories, etc. will be incorporated each day.



  • Money Back Guarantee | You may be wondering what if I sign up my child for camp this summer and they don't like it? We stand behind our program and with 40+ years of experience we believe your child is going to have an awesome summer! However if for some reason your child doesn't enjoy camp we offer a money back guarantee.

  • Medication | Although we have a health supervisor who oversees our medical program (Kristi Rotz, RN), according to Maryland Health Department regulations we are unable to administer medications at our facility or provide specialized care. For any minor injuries we will use non-medicated methods. Parents will be notified of more serious illnesses or injuries. Emergency medications may be kept in the office accompanied by a signed form.

  • Discipline | Due to the variety of activities and open areas, it is extremely essential that our campers are obedient and can follow directions, for their own safety. A discipline system is enforced and is available for review in the office. Antietam Recreation reserves the right to ask any camper to leave who is not furthering the best interest of the other children.



Weekly letters are emailed to each family and are provided Monday morning of each week at the front gate and give specific details on the activities scheduled, including camp outs, field trips, and any camper needs. All parents or guardians are welcome to visit at any time to watch their children learn and progress, though they must check in at the office first. If you'd like to see daily photos of the fun that's happening here via Instagram, make sure you receive a weekly letter to learn how you can receive access. 



  • Friends | Campers who have friends (of similar age) attending camp may be grouped with them by request. (Junior, youth and teen campers cannot be grouped together. For example a junior camper, age 5, cannot be grouped with a youth camper, age 9.) Only one friend can be guaranteed. The office must receive friend requests by 5:00 PM Thursday of the previous week. If the difference in age between the friends or siblings is more than two years, please call our office to discuss the situation.

  • Bring A Guest | Campers are welcome to bring a friend or sibling on Fridays of each camp week to join the fun. The cost is $30 per person, ages 4 and up. You can sign up your guest/s by paying and completing a registration form located at the front gate or office.



Camper may bring their own lunch from home. Lunch items, snacks, tee shirts, etc. may be purchased at the store during free time and lunch. Our menu is available upon request.